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Space Mining Clicker Free Download Game Hacked

Space Mining Clicker Free Download Game Hacked >>>

About This Game Become the Director, manage your mining facility and try to make profit when surviving to the geopolitical storm opposing the two biggest factions.As the winner of the monthly global lottery, you are now in a carrier on your way to manage a mining facility on P3X-777. You will collect ore to sell it to big corporations, gather supplies to maintain your robot-workers and build new infrastructures to increase your performances.Your mine is your main focus but a conflict between the Solar Empire and The United Colonies may force you to change your priorities. What can you do at your scale to influence the conflict ?WARNING: The playtime doesn't exceed few hours depending your clicking skill and your ability to manage the facility/answer to the dozen of events.Enjoy it as an adventure not a competition/fast track :) Mine Collect Build Make spacecrafts Complete missions Survive events Pick a sideClicker or IdleSome resources will be collected in very low quantity by your mechanical workers but you must be an example to them.(This is not an idle game (5%) but a clicker game (95%)).Inspired by games like Fragile Allegiance, Space Mining Clicker is the first game of Cold Coffee Studio, a solo indie creator working nights and weekends with passion on small scale gaming projects. I hope that you will enjoy my first project and join me on the different channels to discuss and give me your feedback.Discord will be the main channel to chat and talk about released or future games. Always looking for beta testers and hardcore players to point out issues.Twitter to stay up to date and participate to events/open beta/discover other developers. 1075eedd30 Title: Space mining clickerGenre: Action, Indie, SimulationDeveloper:Cold Coffee StudioPublisher:Cold Coffee StudioRelease Date: 16 Mar, 2019 Space Mining Clicker Free Download Game Hacked space mining clicker. space mining clicker download Unique blend of clicker and linear base builder that's definitely worth the price of a gallon of gas to experience. The pace of the game's progression is spot on - The journey requires heavy interaction to advance, a caveat for idle game enthusiasts, and while I tend to lean more toward incremental & Idle games, I'm enjoying this game every step of the way.Developer seems incredibly active and responsive and even implemented a change I requested via Discord. Recommending this game to all clicker and base builder fans - It really represents an epic game experience you shouldn't miss.. Update review:After a response from the developer I tried the game again. With the bugs I listed below fixed, the game went much more smoothly than before. I did get unlucky with a string of ore events that basically halted my progression, but the game went smoothly and I experienced no further bugs.I liked the building and upgrading elements of the game, along with the way multiple resources were required for progression. I hope the developer continues to update the game with more features as I believe that this is a good start to a possibly deeper incremental game.The only thing in the end that is keeping me from recommending this is the price. Usually adding IAP would be a better way to monetize a clicker game as $5 is a huge upfront cost to what is at most only a few hours of gameplay.--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--Old ReviewThis game would have been worth maybe $1 if I didn't find at least 10 bugs within the first hour of playing. As such this is getting a negative review due to bugs in addition to a ridiculous price tag for an incremental game.Pros: nice animations, somewhat balanced mechanics.Cons:There is NO prestige mechanic, Game lasts less than 2h.Bugs found in the first hour: - Focus button timer stuck, can no longer switch focus - Event timer counts down at double the speed of radar timers - Events that require you to harvest or mine 720 times fail if you harvest even just 1 more than the required amount (ie 721\/720) - Pop-up tool tips in the Facilities tabs do not always show the correct level. (Solar panel was showing level 1 despite multiple upgrades) - Harvest even rewards don't feel like they scale at all - When clicking on a radar during a positive event, text at the bottom still says it is reducing the timer by x seconds, when the timer for the event is actually increased- Going to the Diplomatic Panel and back will reset the Focus buttons \/ timer- Current Energy is not shown after switching back from the Diplomatic Panel to the main view.- Next cargo timer does not include the time for the cargo ship animation- Under Cover Objective 1 - Text says to upgrade to level 10, but the counter on the left is out of x\/11 not x\/10There are better free games out there with more depth. play those instead.. Very linear, which I usually don't like...especially in a clicker title.The pacing is great though, and I'm enjoying the buildup in activity while working through the quests. (Most clicker titles I've played have been about building up passive resource generation that leads to larger and larger numbers without a real goal in sight...this seems more based on active clicking with quests to complete.)Encountered a few issues and oddities, but by the time I'd logged out of my first session another patch had already been released that addressed a lot of them.As of right now, I don't regret spending a few dollars for a couple hours of entertainment. If it continues to improve, that's just icing on the cake.Edit to add: Logged another half hour offline after the changes, and completed my first playthrough. Short game. Involved enough though to make me go for another playthrough with the opposing faction.Several updates occurred throughout the day and fixed all the issues I had with the game. It seems like click speed was limited a bit though, which may make certain parts of it harder. Will have to play again to see.Overall, the price is still worth it to me to check this game out, and about to get more value for my money with the next play.. Not recommended in its current state due to some bugs and balancing issues. With time, this game should be very enjoyable - but do not buy it now if you want a seamless experience. It should be a fun few hours of gameplay if given a few months for updates.. I found a bug that turned my money negative after receiving a new quest, showing proof of the bug on the discussion boards i come back the next day to see my thread deleted by the game dev. This game had 30mins-an hour of game play and the price being asked is ambitious to say the least. Nothing more then a quick refund.. I am happy that devs keep their promise and release the game in time - unfortunatelly it is the only good information about this microgame.The problem is that this game is so small and simple that it can be done in Unity in less than few days. I do not understand why it took Cold Coffee Studio so many months to finish such a simple mini game.Game can be finished in 45 minutes with autoclicker and in less than 2 hours without it (you must click 30 000 times to finish game). Idle in this game DO NOT work at all. Your max idle income (when all building are max) is 15 credits per second but even single building upgrade cost like 50 000 000 credits. It looks like devs skipped math lessons in school.The only good news is that you can buy this game, finish in less than 2 hours and refund.


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